Listing FAQ

All property listings are free.

There is no cost to list.

Our listing platform is designed for property owners, agents, brokers and service providers.

Commercial, industrial and investment properties including office buildings, shopping centers, medical offices, hotels, multi-family properties and others. is focused on helping owners and agents promote their properties for easy discovery for buyers.

Property categories and key metrics are unique to the industry for easy discovery. Now, you can explain property details, features, highlight proforma and current financials and describer lease terms and investment metrics.

Owners and agents can link to videos and drone footage and add as many as 50 photos and upload documents and brochures.

Submit your listing.

Our team verifies every listing using our proprietary process.

Once verified, system sends an account approval and you can begin the listing process. We reserve the right to suspend or delete any account for false information or copyright violations.

Verified owners, agents and professionals can list for free.

For a fee, verified property owners and agents can select preferred listing.

Owners and agents can target buyers through home page, geo-targeting and newsletter marketing.

Our advanced listing platformis singularly focused on commercial real estate.

We believe in fair pricing and property listing should be free.

Unique category framework for commercial, industrial and investment properties.

Yes, we answer every telephone call and reply all emails in less than ten minutes.